Noosa Weddings in the rain?

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Noosa Weddings in the rain?

It’s not called the Sunshine Coast for nothing! The region, including Noosa, usually enjoys up to 300 days of glorious sunshine every year.

And that’s just one reason why an increasing number of couples are making Noosa Australia’s No1 wedding destination.

But wait, that still leaves at least an average of one day per week of rain. So, even here in Paradise some unlucky brides and grooms have to suffer a black cloud over their wedding day.

I have seen beautiful brides in fabulous white dresses standing in big puddles on the boardwalk at Main Beach looking disheartened and miserable. And that’s why I always caution my dear clients to have a Plan B – a wet-weather option should the skies open just at the worst possible time.

Noosa has the most divine outdoor settings for wedding ceremonies, especially beachside off Hastings Street but there is simply no shelter from the rain.

So what do you do when you have booked your dream beachside Noosa wedding and you are faced with a sub-tropical downpour?

The first thing I am inclined to say is please don’t obsess about it; you absolutely need to have a back-up plan, but once it’s chosen forget about it until you need it.

So what are your indoor options in Noosa? Here are some suggestions:

1. First check with your reception venue whether they can accommodate your ceremony – a lot will depend on the time of day, the size of your wedding and if you have a band. This might be a problem for those restaurants that have lunchtime sittings. Many don’t have a separate function suite, so it really is a tight squeeze both in terms of time and space to fit in a ceremony on top of the normal lunch trade. But if you are prepared to be flexible with your ceremony space and start time, appreciate that the restaurant is doing the best it can, then go with the flow!

2. Another option is to take a form of insurance by way of booking a ceremony venue back-up. The Sheraton, Noosa Springs Resort, The Outrigger and RACV all have function rooms, but may not release them until 4 weeks before your ceremony date – just in case they get a more lucrative booking for a conference or a big wedding. For an idea of costs: The Sheraton’s Lily Pond venue will cost $1800 or $900 (it splits in two) and Noosa Springs Resort would cost $350.

3. You could also consider the undercover area on one of the private cruise ferries. The daughter of a good friend of mine had booked the Catalina to take guests for a cruise up the Noosa river between the ceremony and reception. Alas, the heavens opened just before the wedding ceremony but all was not lost: the father of the bride carried her to the boat with umbrellas shielding them all the way. The ceremony was held on the boat and everyone enjoyed the novelty. Note: contrary to popular belief, ship’s captains cannot perform marriage ceremonies! Thank goodness, otherwise I might be out of a job!

4. Often the best option is to have the ceremony in a private rented house or unit. It might be that some of your guests are staying in a lovely place, possibly even on the water. Have a chat with the rental company about having the ceremony there in the event of inclement weather. If you don’t create a lot of noise or inconvenience others, you may get a sympathetic agreement.

So the moral of this story is: don’t let bad weather rain on your parade. Talk to the local experts about a contingency plan. Maybe one day Noosa will have it’s own pretty little wedding chapel and the problem will be solved.

Now wouldn’t that be just a nice ray of sunshine?

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