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Weddings typically are all about the bride. But grooms also play a starring role. Here are 7 tips to help grooms make their Big Day a major success:

1. Be extra chivalrous and romantic – e.g. send your bride a romantic note, pull out her chair; rub her sore feet, tell her she looks fabulous. Make sure she’s happy, feeling loved and the clear centre of attention.

2. Grooms should be, er, groomed. Get a stylish haircut; trim that stubble. And why not go all the way? Treat yourself to a pedicure, a manicure, a facial – why should the girls have all the pampering? It can be so relaxing and maybe just what you need before YOUR big day.

3. Vows: be prepared, don’t leave them to the last minute. Craft them well in advance and polish the words right up to the big day. Keep them simple, personal and achievable. If you’re worried about sounding nervous – don’t be, it can be very endearing!

4. Smear a little petroleum jelly inside your wedding bands. Sometimes it’s hard to get those precious rings on nervous fingers!!

5. On the wedding day, figure out how to escape with your bride for at least 10 minutes after the ceremony. No family, no friends, no photographers – just savour a precious little ‘Mr & Mrs’ time on your own.

6. Feeling stressed about giving a speech at your reception? Here is a great opener to relax you and get the audience behind you: stand up, big smile and say: “My beautiful WIFE (pause for applause) reminded me that I should remember to thank … oops, problem is I cannot remember who it is I’m supposed to thank! So please bear with me while I read out my list, just in case I forget someone. I would hate to upset my gorgeous WIFE!”

7. Finally, don’t be overwhelmed by the occasion. Instead, be in the moment, enjoy yourself! You are surrounded by love from family and friends.

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