The Romance of Vow Renewal

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The Romance of Vow Renewal

Brian and Mary are an attractive Sydney couple in their mid-fifties. They’ve been married for nearly 27 years.

Like most husbands and wives, they’ve had their share of ups and downs. Mary overcame breast cancer in 2007 and Brian lost his high-flying job after a corporate take-over last year.

On holiday in Noosa (a regular haunt) recently, they decided to count their blessings: they were alive, reasonably well off and had three great kids. And their marriage had not only survived but had been strengthened by their problems.

On the spur of the moment, they decided to celebrate their good fortune by renewing their vows.

Within days they had arranged a lovely, romantic late-afternoon ceremony at their holiday rental in Noosa with a mixture of old vows made at their original wedding plus a few new ones. Their children contributed with some meaningful readings.

Increasingly, I find that other couples, young and old are doing the same as Brian and Mary – formally recognizing their enduring love and commitment to each other.

Most now realise that getting married is the easy part! Staying married is a bit more difficult and needs a lot of work, love and devotion.  For better or worse, you might say.

I can think of nothing more romantic than your spouse suggesting that you both renew your vows years, even decades after your original wedding day.

The reasons can be varied. Perhaps you are grateful for being blessed with a wonderful marriage. Or you didn’t have the wedding ceremony you had dreamed of. Or you might have re-kindled your love for one another after a difficult period.  One couple were inspired by their daughter’s wedding.  Whatever the reason, it truly is a lovely thing to do.

A ‘renewal of wedding vows’ is just that.  You renew your total commitment to one another. The actual vows don’t have to be exactly the same ones made at your original wedding, it’s entirely your choice.

I, or one of my celebrant colleagues, can give you guidance and suggestions on how to incorporate your vows into a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that is unique, personal and fits your current emotional and economic circumstances.

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